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AVM has purchased the last nine hardcover copies from the publisher of

Vaudeville, Old & New: an Encyclopedia of Variety Performers in America


Special offer for Frank Cullenís

two volume encyclopedia

The Porridge Sistersí Cookbook of Hearty Vegan Fare

is now available.

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202 Hearty Vegan recipes, helpful hints for your pantry and refrigerator. Charts to help you know how many cups of carrots are in a pound. Who doesnít need to know that!


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Text Box: Porridge Sistersí Cookbook $9.95
Text Box: Murder at the Tremont Theatre
Text Box: Murder at the Old Howard
Text Box: Murder at the Orpheum Theatre
Text Box: Murder at the Gordonís Olympia

The Fifth Porridge Sisters adventure is here!

Gayety Manager Murdered!

Corruption in Boston!

Porridge Sisters Chase Criminal!

Black & White Show Smash Hit!


Murder at the Gayety Theatre

Text Box: All Porridge Sistersí Adventures are $12.50 and available on and in a Kindle version.