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The Albuquerque Film Club is open to everyone of any age who enjoys watching movies on a big screen in the company of other film lovers and then sharing observations about what they have seen. All that is needed is the interest and an email address for notifications. This is a social rather than scholarly group, although some members know a lot about motion pictures while others wish to expand their appreciation.
The AFC will host movies at the Guild Cinema one weekend every two months, Saturday and Sunday matinees. After the screening, we invite everyone to join us to gab about movies and meet fellow film fans. Ticket prices for the matinees will be $5 per person.
Our purpose is to revive interesting films from silent classics to productions of the big studio era to intimate independent films of more recent years—comedies, dramas, film noir, fantasy, adventure. While most of the movies we screen will be English language, we shall include intriguing films from abroad. The films you attend will help choose future programs in the AFC series.

To join Albuquerque Film Club send your name, address and phone number via email to:

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Text Box: Splendid sound & Technicolor version of an Arabian Nights fantasy filled with thrilling action and superior music, special effects and colorful characters. Starring Sabu (the Thief); Conrad Veidt (the evil Grand Vizier); Rex Ingram (the giant genie); John Justin and June Duprez (the Prince & Princess).
Produced by Alexander Korda, the directorial duties of this elaborate Anglo-American, war-time production were handled in the UK by Michael Powell, Ludwig Berger and Alexander & Zoltan Korda, and in the USA by Tim Whelan & William Cameron Menzies. Written by Miles Malleson (who also plays the Sultan) & Lajor Biró. Music by Miklós Rózsa. Production & Art design by William Cameron Menzies & Vincent Korda. Cinematography by Georges Périnal & Osmond Borradaile. Film editing by Charles Crichton. (1940, USA & UK)

January 10 & 11


Thief of Baghdad

2015 Season


January 10 & 11

Thief of Baghdad

UK/USA 1940

March 14 & 15

Le Trou

France 1960

May 9 & 10

Grave of the Fireflies

Japan 1988

July 11 & 12

La Voyage dans la Lune


Le Ballon Rouge

France, 1902, 1926, 1956

September 12 & 13

The Strong Man

USA 1926

November 14 & 15

The Red Shoes

UK 1948

All films subject to availability.