All screenings at the East Mountain Public Library at Tijeras, third Saturday of every month, 2 pm matinees.

Films subject to availability.

January 18
Le Havre (2011)

Aki Kaurasmaki’s heartwarming French/Finnish drama is neither cynical nor sentimental. Le Havre tells a good story of human decency with clear eyes and a level gaze that makes viewers feel optimistic about our capacity to be compassionate. (1h 33 min)

February 15
Blonde Crazy (1931)

Romantic crime comedy with spunky cutie hotel maid Joan Blondell and cocky bell-hop Jimmy Cagney teaming for love and larceny. Chipper pre-Code naughtiness and snappy banter as Warners’ top stars fleece a few suckers that deserve it in the ‘Age of Chiselry’, a/k/a: The Great Depression. (1h 19min)

March 21
Silent comedy double bill

The Kid Brother (1927)

The Gold Rush and Modern Times were Chaplin masterpieces and The General is Buster Keaton’s. The Kid Brother is Harold Lloyd’s finest film— superbly plotted, filmed & acted. (1h 12min).

Saturday Afternoon (1926)

Three-reel comedy short with underrated Harry Langdon & forgotten straightman Vernon Dent. (30min)

April 18
The Three Musketeers (1939)

Don Ameche, The Ritz Brothers & Binnie Barnes, star in director Alan Dwan’s exciting music and comedy adventure (with John Carradine, Douglas Dumbrille & Lionel Atwill in support). Movie hews pretty closely to Dumas novel but director Dwan packs it with laughs and song performed by top-notch cast. If you’ve never seen Al, Harry & Jimmy Ritz, or Binnie Barnes, this film offers a fine and funny introduction. (1h 13min)

May 16
Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Guillermo de Toro’s Mexican/Spanish/French gothic poetic realism film is set during the close of Franco’s successful fascist uprising against democracy. A young girl journeys into a parallel sphere to find a more empowering world amid the chaos and cruelty.

A thoughtful, moving, magical film. (1h 58min)

June 20
Palm Beach Story (1942)

Preston Sturgis is in command of his writing & directing skills for this all-star sophisticated comedy with Claudette Colbert, Joel McCrae, Mary Astor & Rudy Vallee. The result is a definitive screwball comedy with its cleverest practitioners cavorting at their best and brightest. (1h 28min)

July 18
Cottage to Let aka Bombsight Stolen (1941)

Superior all-star WWII spy whodunit with comedic undertones from top-shelf cast: John Mills, Alastair Sim, Carla Lehmann, Jeanne de Casalis, George Cole, Leslie Banks & Michael Wilding. (1h 30min)

August 15
Honolulu (1939)

One watches Honolulu for Eleanor Powell’s astonishingly skilled and sensuous dancing and Burns & Allen’s daffy comedy—not the plot. But the often underrated director, Eddie Buzzell, steers the ship-shape film into a joy-filled Honolulu led by Hollywood finest star dancer and Gracie’s charm. (1h 23min)

September 19
Stand-In (1937)

Romantic comedy and Hollywood satire. Leslie Howard is a bean-counter sent by owners to salvage or shut down their failing studio. Former child star Joan Blondell knows and shows Leslie the ropes, while studio hacks try to keep gravy train on track. Bogart sides with Joan & Leslie, and the couple save the studio and fall in love. (1h 37min)

October 17
Halloween Comes Early

1) The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1919)
Conrad Veidt as a somnambulist

2) Good Night, Nurse (1918) with Fatty’ Arbuckle, Buster Keaton, Alice Lake, Joe Keaton & Al St John. (26min)

3) George Melies ‘ Trip to the Moon (13min)

4) Dandy Punk video mapped shorts.

November 21
The Happiest Days of Your Life (1950)

Frank Launder & John Dighton’s frantically funny farce with great comic actors. Bumbling bureaucrats billet both a girls’ and a boys’ boarding school into the same building. Headmasters Alastair Sim and Margaret Rutherford clash for control while teachers Joyce Grenfell, Guy Middleton & Richard Wattis try to cope—or not—with unruly students, rebellious staff and unwitting visiting parents. (1h 21min)

December 19
The Great American Broadcast (1941)

As radio grows into bigtime showbiz, former pioneer radio partners John Payne & Jack Oakie split over singer Alice Faye. Archie Mayo briskly directs the familiar plot into great entertainment—much of which is supplied by top tap dancing Nicholas Brothers, the singing Ink Spots, and the versatile & bizarrely comic Wiere Brothers. (1h 30min)

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