Volume I, 1998–99


Volume I, Issue 1: Ethel Waters, The Four Marx Brothers, Ruth St. Denis, George Raft & Vaudeville History Part I.

Volume I, Issue 2: Sophie Tucker, The Hilton Sisters, Roller Skating, The Road Agent & Vaudeville History Part II.

Volume I, Issue 3 Weber & Fields with: Lillian Russell, David Warfield, DeWolf Hopper, Fay Templeton, William Collier, Peter Dailey, Sam Bernard, John T. Kelly, Louis Mann, Carter De Haven, Mabel Fenton, Charles J. Ross, Bessie Clayton, Fritz Williams, & Bessie McCoy.

Volume I, Issue 4: George Burns & Gracie Allen, Butterbeans & Susie, The Three “X” Sisters, Toy & Wing & The Wiere Brothers.

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