Murder at the Gayety Theatre


Gayety Manager Murdered! Corruption in Boston! Porridge Sisters Chase Criminal! Black & White Show Smash Hit!



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Fifth Porridge Sister Adventure

It’s 1924, the Twenties Roar. Speakeasies abound. The Second Ku Klux Klan revival is in odd contrast to the success of white & black revues—one of which is stranded in Boston. The Porridge Sisters sell Portridge Arms and all the Castle Square Irregulars move to Bay Village following an unexpected bequest. London’s Metropolitan Police send Scottish Inspector Alastair Poole to Boston on a secret mission, but Poole is diverted from his primary purpose and assigned to investigate a Murder at the Gayety Theatre. Smart cops, crooked cops, dumb cops abound as Lavinia and Florrie help solve the Gayety murder that ends with Poole (and readers) following the Porridge Sisters on a motorcar chase though downtown Boston’s narrow streets in the Fifth Porridge Sisters Adventure.





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