Murder at Gordon’s Olympia


Soldier Murdered! Rum-Running in Boston! Portridge Sister Crowns Criminal!



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Fourth Porridge Sister Adventure

It’s 1920 and the Jazz Age decade has begun to roar. Women win the vote! Alcohol is outlawed; gangsters go into business—bootlegging and rum-running. Doughboys come back from the Great War to live on the streets: peacetime causalities. Florrie and Lavinia anxiously await their boy Tommy’s return from Europe. Vaudeville slumps. Movies triumph, and Radio portends to be the next ‘big thing.’

Change swirls though Portridge Arms: Agnes and Frankie have a baby girl, and Edna and Paul have wed. Malachi Brody starts his own security business. And the Castle Street Irregulars embark on the Fourth Porridge Sisters Adventure when they discover a Murder at Gordon’s Olympia.





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