Murder at the Orpheum Theatre


Bombs! Spies! Secret Squads!


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Third Porridge Sister Adventure

Murder at the Orpheum Theatre, the third of the projected seven Porridge Sisters Adventures, occurs in 1916. Americans are divided whether the USA should join the Great War in Europe; suspicions abound about sabotage, spies and foreign nationals; the ‘Spanish Flu’ is about to become an epidemic; suffragettes are campaigning for the right to vote; discontent is growing within the Boston Police Force; moralists are beating the drum to ban demon rum, and gangsters are waiting in the wings to bootleg booze in defiance of Prohibition; educated bohemians, searching for enlightenment, are turning to alternative philosophies; and the popularity of silent motion pictures is challenging vaudeville supremacy.

Portridge Arms has become a success.—Lavinia is relieved; Florrie is disconsolate—until they, the Porridge Sisters, along with Inspector Brody and the charming and idiosyncratic Castle Street Irregulars, become embroiled in the Murder at the Orpheum Theatre.




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