Murder at the Keith Memorial


Mummy found in Boston theatre! FDR Landslide Victory! Depression Deepens!


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The Seventh & Final Porridge Sister Adventure

It is 1933, midway through what historians would record as the Great Depression. Newly elected President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is trying to spark economic recovery with a dynamic series of progressive policies to reverse the laissez faire governance that has proven wanting amid financial mismanagement, environmental disaster, crop failures, and the joblessness that has idled a quarter of the America’s workers. FDR’s proposed New Deal included Social Security, unemployment benefits, federal work projects, rural aid and infrastructure development.

Florrie and Lavinia, “The Porridge Sisters,” and their circle of friends, The Fayette Freelancers, guided by farsighted Barney Devin, had invested wisely. Indeed, there had been little upheaval in their lives since the 1928 Murder at the Majestic Theatre. Lavinia welcomed the peaceful pattern of their lives, but Florrie, a doughty 80 years old, longed for a final adventure. She got her wish with the burglary ring bedeviling Beacon Hill and Back Bay and the discovery of the mummified remains of a Murder at the Keith Memorial.







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