Murder at the Old Howard


White-Slavery Ring at Old Howard! Portridge Sisters Nab Villain on Cambridge Street!


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Second Porridge Sister Adventure

In 1912, straightforward and sensible Lavinia and intuitive but erratic Florrie are drawn into the investigation of a sexual slavery ring that a local newspaper claims is operating out of the Old Howard burlesque theatre in Boston’s infamous Scollay Square. Agnes, their maid, is frantic about the disappearance of her cousin Gracie who has run away with a burlesque troupe. Pony Harris, the reporter who wrote the story about “white slavery” is looking for his missing girlfriend Myra, an Old Howard chorus girl and the source for his story. Tommy, the orphaned newsboy adopted by the Porridge Sisters, is worried about his friend Pony, and Inspector Malachi Brody fears that, once again, the Porridge Sisters are becoming embroiled in a mystery that will lead to Murder at the Old Howard!



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