Murder at the Tremont Theatre


Vaudeville Star Murdered in Boston! Porridge Sister Attacked!

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First Porridge Sisters Adventure

The first Porridge Sisters Adventure occurs in 1908 with the Murder at the Tremont Theatre of vaudeville soubrette, Rosetta Rice. The Boston Police Department is certain that jealousy or hate is the motive, and the culprit was close to his—or her—victim. Lead investigator Inspector Brody is no fool, but he doesn’t understand show business as the Porridge Sisters do. They suspect larger motives at work.

While conducting their own investigation, Florrie and Lavinia meet and enlist a cast of Boston eccentrics: Rosetta Rice’s lawyer and admirer Dudley Pearce; savvy booking agent Nate Furst; the orphan newsboy, Tommy Shields, the sisters adopt; Patrolman Frankie Moore who takes a fancy to the Portridge Arms maid Agnes Rigney; and Mr. S. A. Boniface the retired gentlemanly actor whom they inherit with their South End property.


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