Murder at the MajesticTheatre


Boston Dowager Murdered! Feds Poison Alcohol Supply! Mission Hill Brewery Raided! Booze Found in Cambridge Warehouse!



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Sixth Porridge Sister Adventure

Voices counseling caution are lost in the clamor of the late Roaring Twenties. A shadowy mover behind the scenes, Barney Devin isn’t out to save the world; he leaves that to his wife, Hannah, and their friends Lavinia and Florrie Portridge. Instead, he makes sure that the famed ‘Porridge Sisters’ and their ever-expanding coterie, the Fayette Street Freelancers, are properly positioned to weather the oncoming Great Depression that he and too few others foresee.

Of more immediate distress to Florrie and Lavinia is what the newspapers are calling Murder at the Majestic Theatre, where Back Bay Brahmin, Eleanor ‘Evie’ Vane Barrows, hosting a benefit, fell fatally ill. Commanding less attention among the police and press is the terrifying increase in deaths from poisoned bootleg booze at the opposite end of society’s spectrum, Boston’s homeless and addicted poor.






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